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Vehicle checks, car diagnostics and fleet services in Medowie

If you're heading away on a road trip or it's time for your annual service, book a vehicle inspection at Adam's Auto Fix.

Your car or fleet vehicle is in good hands with our mechanics in Medowie, providing everything from general mechanical repairs to servicing engine diagnostics.

Let us take care of your vehicle. Call to book a service at our workshop today.

Fleet & Lease Vehicle Servicing

Keeping your fleet in top condition is vital to ensuring your operation runs smoothly. It is also essential in maintaining vehicle warranty, minimising running costs and maximising resale value.

We've worked on fleet vehicles for:

  • RAAF
  • Security police
  • Canine police
  • Fire brigade
  • Ambulance
  • SES
  • On-base security
  • Boeing
  • Flight line safety

If your vehicle is a leased, or financed on a salary package, our mechanics will service it.
fleet service — Vehicle Checks in Medowie, NSW


Logbook Services

You can preserve the resale value, keep your warranty intact and maintain the condition of your vehicle by having it serviced according to the vehicle's logbook. This is a guideline provided by the vehicle manufacturer on the recommended service intervals.

From general safety checks to timing belt replacements, our mechanics will service your vehicle according to the manufacturer's specifications and source quality parts where required. We provide logbook services for all RAAF, fleet and the general public's vehicles.


Safety Checks & Inspections

As an authorised inspection station in Medowie, we are accredited to conduct all light vehicle and safety inspections.

Light vehicles more than 5 years old are required to undergo an eSafety check (pink slip) before you can renew the registration. Your renewal notice should state if an inspection is needed or not.

Our mechanics will inspect the following:

  • Seatbelts
  • Vehicle body
  • Brake efficiency
  • Tyre quality & tread depth
  • Engine, suspension, exhaust & driveline
  • Auto electrics such as headlights, indicators, interior lights & dash lights

This inspection will ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy and fit for registration renewal.
safety check and inspections — Vehicle Checks in Medowie, NSW


Tyre Supply & Fitting

Is the tread on your tyres looking a little worn? Come in and see us today! At our workshop, our team will replace your old tyres with a brand new set from our GT Radial stock. To ensure driving is comfortable and safe in all weather conditions, we will fit and balance your tyres to match your vehicle type and size.


Brakes, Suspension & Exhausts

Our team at Adam's Auto Fix works on brakes, steering, suspension and exhausts to ensure optimal driving comfort, performance and safety from your vehicle.

Worn brake components may effect your vehicle's ability to brake immediately in an emergency. To identify the telltale signs of a brake problem, check out our FAQ page. Brake pads, rotors and drums can all be replaced or machined in our workshop.

A slack suspension may result in increased damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle and create a higher risk of rolling should you go around a corner too fast. To ensure your vehicle handles well in all conditions, our mechanics will service your suspension and steering systems. This includes replacing springs, shock absorbers and bushings.

If you notice that your engine is underperforming, the problem may that your exhaust isn't clearing out spent fumes from the engine bay. This can also effect your fuel consumption and lead to more serious issues with your engine. We can replace or modify your exhaust to help get the most out of your vehicle.
brake inspection — Vehicle Checks in Medowie, NSW


Servicing engine diagnostics

In the modern, everyday vehicle, there are just as many electrical parts as there are mechanical. Auto electrical systems control most driving functions, so it is important to ensure it is working correctly. You may have an issue with your auto electrical system if:

  • It refuses to start
  • The check engine light comes on
  • The battery warning light comes on
  • The engine cuts out when the vehicle is moving

Have you noticed any of the above problems in your vehicle? Book it in for a service and battery test with our mechanics.
auto electrical service — Vehicle Checks in Medowie, NSW


Engine Management & Diagnosis

With many vehicles today incorporating computer controls, an electronic fuel injection (EFI) diagnosis is a must in helping to detect and prevent any faults in the engine management system. This system collects data from sensors and switches, which then operates your ignition, fuel and emission control. If one of these components fail or misfire, the computer system is triggered, and your check engine light will switch on.

By tapping into the engine management system, our mechanics in Medowie can diagnose issues with:

  • Ignition
  • Fuel injection
  • Emission control
  • Electrical systems
  • Obstruction system
  • Sensors & spark plugs
  • Loose or worn out hoses
  • Anti-lock brake system (ABS)

At our workshop, we also do diesel diagnostics. Using specialised scan tools, we can detect any faults or failures that may be affecting the performance of your diesel engine.
car engine — Vehicle Checks in Medowie, NSW